Sunday, December 19, 2010

Meet Georgie

I've mentioned a few members of my family in a post or two, but until now, I've left one very important gal out: Georgie :)

Georgie. Georgie Girl. Georgina. Pumpkin. Pumpkin Pie. Miss. She goes by anything really. In Philly my roomate's boyfriend christened her Jorge. To my brother she is George. To Dave she is Dog (my least favorite nickname, but he's almost as in love with her as I am, so I let it slide).

As you can see, Georgie's sported a few different cuts and colors in her lifetime (just like me :)). When I first got her, she had brown ears, a brown patch over her eye (pretty much why I picked her), and a few more patches on her back and tail. The brown faded to what I refer to as latte (why? I don't know) over time, and has pretty much dissapeared now that she's 2. There's a small hint of it left behind her ears.

Even when she's naughty (which is a lot...) she is pure innocence, and the biggest lover of any animal I've ever come across. All in all my family has 2 other dogs, and 4 cats (Mom and Dad's House together). I love them all, but Georgie....Oh Georgie.

I love you kid :)

A. Quirky

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