Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gifting, the not so quirky way.

Christmas is a only one, very short week away. It totally snuck up on me this year. I planned on being done with my Christmas shopping by the first week of December this year. Let's just say I've adjusted my goal to being done with my Christmas shopping by, well, Christmas. It's not all my fault, though. No one in my family would give me any gift ideas, and while I love to discover the perfect gifts for loved ones, regardless of their wishlists, this year is a little different.

My mom (the most amazing woman in the world) is a certified teacher, but is only able to find subbing jobs in NJ right now. Thank you Chris Christie. Merry Christmas to you too. Not. Anyways, sufficed to say, she's not rolling in the dough, and would really appreaciate practical gifts this year. Digital Camera and new mixing bowls? Check.

My brother, a recent college grad has also fallen victim to the economy. Since he graduated in December of 2009 he's worked as a server, in a bagel shop down the shore (his summer job since highschool which he loves, so don't feel sorry for him there), and some "corporate sales" job that I swear was a pyramid scheme in disguise. Most recently, he applied for jobs at a bank and stocking shelves at Target. No luck even there. Money? Check.

My boyfriend recently moved into his grandmother's house, when she moved into his family's house. It's actually the house I refer to as my house, because, well, someday it will be mine as well. Also, without me, the house would be decorated with Bud Light cans. Seriously, there was one hanging from the Christmas tree when I arrived the other day. Anyways, back to gifts. Dave needs basically anything you would find anywhere in Home Depot, Lowes, HomeGoods, or Ethan Allen. I won't say what I got for him, because he's hinted that he has "found" my new blog. I didn't know anyone had yet! But because he's a sly fox, I never know. Let's just say... his gift...very practical.

My Dad's gift is a little less on the practical side because he owns everything he's ever needed, or wanted. He loves electronics, but the ones he loves aren't in my budget. Really cool coffee table book? Check.

And lastly, my sister. She never asks for practical things. So I do what any semi-quirky gal would do. I give a practical gift, disgused as anything but. This year? A giftcard in a mustache pint glass. The girl is obsessed with (fake) mustaches!

What kind of gift-giver are you? Purely Practical? Or do you treasure-hunt all year for that special gift? Are there any situations in your life this year that change the way you gift?

Either way, Happy Gift Giving. Isn't it fun?

A. Quirky


  1. I stumbled on your blog over from weddingbee, and wanted to say hi! As for my gift giving, I love coming up with the prefect present that one would never think of buying for themselves. I can kind of agonize over presents, but only because I really want them to all be perfect.

  2. Stumbling upon blogs is my favorite way to find them! Thank you for the post, it's always exciting to get them :)

    Have a very merry holiday!


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