Monday, December 27, 2010

Favorite Gift

I was a lucky girl this Christmas. I got some really good stuff :) I was also able to gift some fabulous, yet practical, gifts this year. (The mixing bowls were a hit).

My mom got me the newest edition of Photoshop Elements (yeah, still figuring out how to use it), and gift certificates to my favorite stores were many, but Dave especially spoiled me this year. I got a new pair of sparkly, georgous, sophisticated, and stylish diamond studs. I. Love. Them.

What could be better you ask? You may be surprised. My favorite gift of Christmas 2010 is a different sort of pair. A pair of black Hunter Rainboots*! These were on my "I Need to be More Stylish" checklist, and also happened to make an appearance on my "I Must be More Practical" checklist.

These babies are stylish and functional, and in black, oh so classic. I even got to wear them in the snowstorm yesterday! See, I'm almost-er quirky and stylish and grown-up-ish post Christmas 2010**

Merry Christmas to you and yours,

A. Quirky and The Hunter Twins (my new best friends)

*For the record, my most favorite gift was the wine and food I got to share with the ones I love the most here in Jersey, but that's not as fun to read about!
**I'm still only Almost Quirky because a real quirky person would have remembered to call rainboots wellies, and well, I didn't. Damnit.

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