Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ground Control to Major Tom

Well hello there.

I've been gone for awhile. (No kidding!)

There have been many factors to my complete lack of posting: laziness, writer's block, and my grandfather's passing. I mentioned here awhile ago that my grandfather was battling congestive heart failure. I'll never know whether I was being naive, or whether my grandfather really did decline in health at a much faster rate than we thought, but I do know we lost him before we were ready for it.

He lived a full 90 years. He accomplished so much in his life, he was loved by so many, and everyone has a story to tell about "Uncle Ed". His funeral and service were a complete inspiration to me. I really don't think they make 'em like they used too. I so, I do, and will, miss him terribly.

Yet surprisingly enough, it was not the loss of my grandfather that lead me to stop blogging. It was my own ego. I have another confession to make: I thought I was the next Pioneer Woman. I thought I would start up a blog, it would quickly catch on, I would gain a huge following due to my inspirational DIYs and home improvements, companies would pay to advertise on my site, and I would make a living off of it.

I know. Wake Up. Come back to your home planet, Quirky.

This vision came to a screeching halt when I realized Dave and I just do not have the money to remodel, let alone photograph it and offer step-by-steps. I also don't technically live with Dave yet. I've always struggled with how much money and time to put into decorating a house that isn't yet my home. I love it at Dave's, and I find myself spending more and more time there, and it will be my home someday soon. But it's not. Yet. And so with the exception of our bedroom there, I've majorly held off on any purchases for our someday home.

And I thought that made for a boring blog. Except, I think I was wrong.

I like to write. I occasionally have interesting things to write about. So what if they're not about what counter top we're choosing for our kitchen. And so what if it is? I don't know when I got tied down to a theme for my blog (although ultimately I would like to someday have some cohesion!), but it's not for me now.

And so I'll write. When I want. When I can. It may be about dresser hardware. It may be about my students. It may be about those 8 or so pounds I want to use. Or the bathing suit I want. Or planning a wedding (someday!). Or Georgie (why should she only get one post?)

And I hope you'll read. But I'll understand if you don't.

Thanks for listening,

A. Quirky

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