Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Perfect Valentine's Day

I've always been a fan of Valentine's Day. Always. Even the first 25 valentine-less Valentine's Days of my life. Yes, that's right, Dave is my first and only official Valentine. I like it that way.

And I also liked my Valentine's Day 2011. I loved it, actually. And I know why. It's because we didn't stress. We didn't search out the perfect restaurant. We didn't try in vain to snag reservations. I wasn't running through the department store hunting down the perfect gift because we weren't exchanging gifts.

We originally planned on cooking dinner. Then I got stuck at work and Dave didn't feel well. So we decided to get carry-out from a local restaurant, Redstone. Here's what you need to know about Redstone if you don't know already. It's delicious. And it's on the pricey end. But hey, it was Valentine's Day and we were treating ourselves.

We decided we'd try and find a seat at the bar, have a glass of wine, and order a delicious something or other to-go. But lucky us, the bar was surprisingly dead (couples prefer tables on V-Day, I know) and so after drink number one we decided to stay and eat there.

We consumed Buffalo Shrimp, Some Other Kind of Shrimp, and an Ahi Tuna appetizer. Oh, and a few glasses of wine. And it was lovely. I'm so glad we didn't plan any of it. There's no way it could've been as nice.

And the gifts we weren't buying? We bought them. Those were pretty lovely too. A FryDaddy for Dave. (Guys love deep frying things. Correction, I love deep frying things). But Dave's gift to me trumps mine to him (as usual): Cooking classes in Philadelphia for the both of us.

I am in love :)

Happy Valentine's Day, Belated. I hope you enjoyed yours, single or taken.


A. Quirky

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